calling all christian women service providers, coaches, and consultants!

The Results Code Workshop

Take your 1:1 work, craft a unique framework, and make it scalable inside a 1:many offer

Live Thursday February 16, 2023

12pm EST • 11am CST • 10am MST • 9am PST

Ready to take what you’ve learned working with 1:1 clients and transfer it to a group program, course, or a podcast interview?

The Results Code Workshop will help you create the foundational asset you need to have in place before you transition out of 1:1 work. You’ll uncover your own unique Results Code (aka process or framework) and craft it into a strong piece of marketing that will make it easier to sell (and teach) your offers.

This workshop is perfect for Christian women:

  • Service providers

  • Coaches

  • Consultants

who are ready to leverage their expertise gained from 1:1 client work into a 1:many offer, market themselves more effectively on interviews, and even gain speaking opportunities.

Laura Howe, Hope Made Strong

“This training was absolutely transformational for my business.”

This training simplified a process that I thought was very overwhelming and complicated. Esther presented it in a way that allowed me to take action and allowed me to build my confidence.

By applying what she taught, it created opportunities for growth that were strategic and intentional, rather than chaotic. It gave me a clear communication strategy and create offers that engaged many people at different points of their journey.

It was absolutely transformational for my business.

Here is what you can expect to

learn (and accomplish!) at the workshop:

  • What a Results Code is and is not

  • Uncover your unique framework (it's already there, I promise)

  • Name the steps so they make sense to others

  • Develop a name that is memorable and fun

  • Understand how to refine your process (so you don’t get stuck)

  • How create a visual representation for your Results Code

  • Where & how this asset can be used

Are you ready to unlock the door to the next phase of business?

“I now have a valuable asset to showcase in my marketing.”

Esther was monumental in helping me uncover my framework and realize that I do have this in my business already. I now understand what a valuable asset I have to showcase in my marketing to my target market. I love that Esther keeps things simple and clear!

- Erica Goode, CPA - CFO for coaches & consultants


this is what you can expect to

Receive during the workshop

  • 90 Minute LIVE Interactive Training

  • The Recordings in a Membership Area to Keep

  • The Results Code Workbook

  • Time for Q&A with your instructor

  • BONUS: Results Code real life examples


Frequently Asked Questions.

Will this workshop help me be ready to create a group program or course? 

While 1:1 client work is often very customized, when you move into creating a 1:many offer, you have to find ways to bring about results without as much customization. This workshop will walk you through the steps to get clear on the process you use within your 1:1 work so that it’s easier to apply and get results in a group setting.

This workshop will give you the first essential asset to transitioning to a group or course setting!

Will I be able to ask questions?

If you attend live, you will absolutely have the opportunity to ask questions! There will be interactive portions of the workshop, so that you can truly walk away having your own Results Code developed (or at least in process).

What if I don’t have 1:1 clients? Is this for me?

This workshop will be ideal for a Christian woman business owner who has been providing 1:1 services as a done-for-you provider (i.e. website designer, home organizer, or bookkeeper), coach, or consultant. It will also work for someone who has experience in a particular field and is looking to leverage that experience into the online space.

If you are just getting started online and don’t have experience or expertise in a particular area, then this might not be the best workshop for you.

Can I do this on my own?

You could probably find a way to figure out your Results Code (aka proprietary process) on your own. However, most of my clients and students have gotten great value out of walking through this as I’ve taught the concepts. In addition, you gain value when you hear others share or ask questions–this often sparks ideas that you can apply to your own business. 

What if I can’t make the class live?

No worries. We’ll record the class and give you access to a members portal to access it anytime. You’ll also have access to the Q&A recording.

you're invited to come attend the

Results Code workshop





Workshop recording


Results code workbook

Q&A Time For Your Specific Questions



BONUS: Results Code examples





Total Value = $600

Regular Price for Results Code = $97

Today’s Price = $37


90 Minute Interactive Workshop $300

Workshop Recording $100

Results Code Workbook $25


BONUS: Results Code examples $25

VALUED AT = $600

Total Value = $600

Regular Price = $97

Today’s Price = $37

Abby Turner Family coaching

“Thanks to this training, I was able to simplify and clarify my framework in a way that will be highly marketable.”

Not sure if this workshop is for you?

The Results Code Guarantee

Attend Results Code on February 16th and if it doesn’t exceed your expectations, help you create your own Results Code, or give you ideas for how to better market your services, just email us at and we’ll happily issue you a full refund. - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions